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Japan Bangladesh Society (JBS)

Japan Bangladesh Society (JBS) is an international NGO, which has offered a bridge between Japan and Bangladesh through its activities programs and cooperative continuous efforts in health, education and culture endeavors.

a) Introduce Bangladesh to Japanese people through various activities, such as the Boishakhi Mela.
b) Provide health care assistance and advice to expatriate Bangladeshi People.
c) Conduct study tour between Japan and Bangladesh.

a) Provide support in running the Japan Bangladesh charity hospital at Khulna city, Bangladesh.
b) Health Education to the unprivileged people of the community of Khulna.
c) Introduce Japan to the Bangladeshi People, through organizing events such as workshop, study tour.
d) Arrange for training and exchange programs.

Japan Bangladesh Society (JBS)
Address1-22-11 Sangenjaya, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0024
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