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Sreepur Upazila

Sreepur Upazila is located in the north of the Gazipur district in the division of Dhaka. The Upazila surrounded by Gafargaon & Bhaluka Upazilas on the north, Kapasia & Kaliganj Upazilas on the east, Gazipur Sadar on the south and Kaliakoir Upazila on the west. The total area of this Upazila is 465.25 square kilometers.

It has 8 unions. They are: Bormi Union, Gazipur Union, Goshinga Union, Maouna Union, Kaoraid Union, Prohladpur Union, Rajabari Union, Telihati Union.

Sreepur Upazila
AddressSreepur, Gazipur
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