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Bangladesh Law and Justice Division

The administrative control, management or relationship with the sub-ordinate/attached departments or offices, namely, the sub-ordinate Judiciary, Administrative tribunals, various other special Courts and Tribunals, Department of Registration, Office of the Attorney-General, Judicial Administration Training Institute, Office of the Administrator General and official Trustee (AGOT), Judicial Service Commission Secretariat, Marriage Registration, Government Pleaders, Public Prosecutors, Notary Public, etc. are exercised through this Division of the Ministry.

Law and Justice Division

Law and Justice Division

By and large this division has some special constitutional responsibilities. These are as follows:-

Appointment of the Attorney-General of Bangladesh (Article- 64).
Assignment of duties to the Attorney-General, determination of his remuneration and termination of his office (Article- 64(2) & (4)).
Appointment and resignation of the Judges of the Supreme Court of Bangladesh (Article- 95 (1)).
Removal of the Judges of Supreme Court of Bangladesh (Article- 96(2)).
Performance of the duties of the Chief Justice by the next senior Judge of the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court (Article- 97).
Appointment and resignation of Additional Judges of Supreme Court (Article- 98).
Holding of Sessions of High Court Division at places other than the Capital (Article- 100).
Obtaining opinion of the Supreme Court on a question of law (Article- 106).

Bangladesh Law and Justice Division
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