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Administrator of Waqfs Bangladesh

Waqf means the permanent dedication by a person professing Islam of any movable or immovable property recognized by Muslim Law as religious, or charitable purpuse, and includes any other endowment or grant for the aforesaid purposes, a waqf by user, and a waqf created by a non-Muslim.

Office of the Administrator of Waqfs Bangladesh

Office of the Administrator of Waqfs Bangladesh

The concept, extent and nature of Waqfs in Bangladesh is mainly based on the rules laid down by the Holy Prophet (Peace be upon him). In Consistant with the principles of Islam and various legislative enactments and judicial decision, Waqfs in Bangladesh are created primarily as a family settlement of the Waqifs or dedicator’s family or descendants with the main objectives for charity and religious activities as well as security for posterity.

Traditionally, the Muslim population of Bangladesh are deeply religious in sentiment having great attachment to the Islamic institutions and culture. These traits are more prominent in the eastern districts of the country due to the influence of Muslim preachers and saints who worked in those area comparatively more extensively, as such, vast endowments for multiple religious and social welfare activities exist there.

The Department of Waqf inherited by the Government of Bangladesh was a very small Organization. In line with the new policy of the Govt. a re-organized set up was conceived in 1988, as a result, a workable Waqf Administrative set up will now be operational with Divisional and District level offices. Department of Waqf is headed by the Waqf Administrator and the Department with all its resource Constraints look after various religious and Socio-Economic institutions including 10,000 Mosques, 500 Madrasha’s has, 10 Orphanages, 5 charitable dispensaries etc. In addition, the department also administers a Welfare Fund from where stipends and scholarship are awarded to poor and meritorious students as well financial grants to destitute Muslims and newly converted Muslims for their instant assistance and Rehabilitation.

Administrator of Waqfs Bangladesh
Address4, New Eskaton Road, Dhaka-1000
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