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Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board

In 1971 after having the independence of Bangladesh, step has been taken for the active modernization of Madrasah Education. Bengali, Mathematics, English, Social science, General Science are made compulsory. In 1978 Madrasah Education Board was formed under Ordinance for the Modernization of Madrasah Education.

The Madrasah Education Board started its activity independently in 1979. With the passage of time of Madrasah Education, in 1978 humanity and science faculty are included in Alim level and in 1980, Fazil degree was given the standard of Education of H.S.C level.

In the successive step of Education in 1985 dakhil level was given the standard of education of S.S.C. and in 1987 Alim level was given the standard of education of H.S.C for massive reformation of entire education system. As a result the Madrasah student having learnt the root lesson of Islam against themselves with the modern education system. For the revolutionary development of modern science and technology, Bangladesh like other countries of the world, faces a very strong and tough challenge. For facing this challenge, boldly, humanity, science, business and technical education has been included with Madrasah Education. Mean while a law has been passed for the education & the standard of education of Fazil and kamil with those of B.A. and M.A. degree in general education. In fact, action steps are already taken to modernize this curriculum.

Bangladesh Madrasah Education Board
Address2 Orphanage Road, Baksibazar, Dhaka
Phone8626138, 9675520
Fax8616681, 8620841
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