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Pashchimanchal Gas Company Limited

Pashchimanchal Gas Company Limited was established on 29th November 1999. The main objective of this company is to distribute the natural gas as a fuel through its Gas Distribution Pipeline to Household, Commercial, Industrial, and Power Plant etc. of Rajshahi Division.

The objective of this company is to make economic use of the natural gas available from the gas fields at Eastern Zone of Bangladesh within the franchise area of the company comprising the administrative division of Rajshahi or any such area as may be decided upon by the Government/Petrobangla and for that purpose to construct, manufacture, own, operate, equip, improve, develop, control, lay, buy, lease, sell and maintain natural gas pipeline and related facilities.

Pashchimanchal Gas Company Limited
AddressNalka, Sirajganj
Phone+88 0751-63820
Fax+88 0751-63820
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