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 Bangla Academy 

Bangla Academy, Bangladesh's national academy of arts and letters, is an institution devoted to the development of language, literature and culture of the land. Bangla is the native language of the people who live in Bangladesh. It is also the official language of the country, but how it came to be recognized as the official language is a part of her glorious history that relates to the heroic struggle and immense sacrifice of her people, which led to the birth of the Academy and subsequently to that of Bangladesh.

The Academy has the responsibility of developing BangIa, both written and spoken, and the culture of the land. One aim of the nation is to introduce BangIa in as many spheres of work as possible, replacing English. This is an important, though difficult, goal and the Academy plays an important role in achieving it. BangIa equivalent of technical and other foreign terms is coined and introduced by the Academy, and the use of BangIa standardized. A modern BangIa Typewriter developed by late Professor Munir Choudhury has been introduced and is in wide use. An electronic bilingual type-writer with a standardized keyboard has been launched by the Academy in collaboration with Sapta Sindhu Limited. The Academy has also launched a computer font in collaboration with CITech Limited.

The Bangla Academy
3, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue
Ramna, Dhaka 1000
Telphone : 8619577, 8619583, 8619580, 8619752
Fax : (8802) 8612352

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Category: Society and Culture

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