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Seed Certification Agency

Seed Certification Agency was established on 22 January 1974 under the First National Five Year Plan (1973-78) of Bangladesh. The organization has been playing a vital role in certification and quality control of seeds of notified crops (Rice, Wheat, Jute, Potato, Sugarcane, Mesta & Kenaf) produced and marketed by both public and private sectors. It follows seed legislations of the country to carry out its technical and regulatory activities. Functions of Seed Certification Agency among other things include: advise seed producers on production, processing and quality control of seeds, carry out post-market quality control through inspection and testing, certify all breeder, foundation and certified seed of controlled crops, issue certification tags, conduct Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) tests, grow out tests, co-ordinate the variety evaluation and release mechanisms and enforce the provisions of the Seeds Ordinance and Seed Rules to take appropriate legal measures against the offenders. The Head Quarter of the agency is situated in Gazipur. The total manpower of the agency is 569 including 251 BCS (Agriculture) Cadre Officers. There are 7 Regional Seed Certification Offices and 64 District Seed Certification Offices in 7 divisions and 64 districts of the country, respectively.

Seed Certification Agency
AddressSeed Certification Agency, MOA, Gazipur.
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