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Roads and Highways Department Bangladesh

The Roads and Highways Department (RHD) was created in 1962 when the old ‘Construction & Building (C&B) organisation was split into 2 separate bodies (the other being Public Works Department). RHD is responsible for the construction and the maintenance of the major road and bridge network of Bangladesh.

RHD is responsible for the management of the National, Regional and Zilla road network of about 21,000 Km in road length and some 18,258 bridges with annual development and revenue funds of 3,463 crore Taka of which about Taka 2,547 crore is from the Annual Development Budget and Taka 916 crore from the Revenue Budget in fiscal year 2007-08. RHD has been at the fore point in Bangladesh to introduce E-governance. RHD had officially launched RHD Website in July 2003. The Website contains a wide variety of information on technical and managerial issues. This includes roads and bridges data, personal data, financial project information, different manuals, standard test procedures, design standards for roads and bridges as well as management plans for each area. The total number of posts in the Department is almost 20,000.

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AddressSarak Bhaban Tejgaon, Dhaka-1208.
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