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Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy

To create competent, professional and motivated civil servants, the Academy provides various types of training for different levels of government officials. It conducts courses on administration, management, public procurement, information and communication technology (ICT), language skills, ethics, ethos & values, measures for prevention of corruption etc. Besides conducting core courses for new entrants of BCS Administration Cadre, the Academy also imparts training to mid-level officers of different cadres of civil service.

The Academy collaborates with other national and international organizations as well. It has entered into a conjunction with Yamaguchi University of Japan for an intermediate course on Public Administration and Public Finance. It also jointly worked with major international organizations like Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) for enriching its academic curricula. The Academy emphasizes on capacity building of the faculty members through providing opportunities of higher studies/training in reputed foreign universities and institutes.

The Academy is headed by a member of BCS Administration Cadre with a rank of a Secretary to the Government of Peoples’ Republic of Bangladesh. The Academy is considered as the abode of the members of BCS Administration Cadre and plays the role of a think-tank for public sector reforms and management issues.

Bangladesh Civil Service Administration Academy
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