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Mostafa-Hakim Family of Chittagong

Mostafa-Hakim Family of Chittagong startd the family business as connstruction firm in the sixties founded by late Hakim. His sons carried out this dream and started of as a ship breaker in the early eighties. Now the company deals with diverse range of product and services. The company has made his marks in areas like ship demolition & steel Product, Manufacturing of Cements, Bricks, Oxygen. Textiles, Real-Estate, Importing and distribution. The company has been founded on a commitments to quality, timeliness and value. Today the company has 2500 employees working in more than nine operations

Mostafa-Hakim Family of Chittagong
Address218,D.T Road Dewanhat, Chittagong, Bangladesh
Phone031-720228, 710610
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